The Game Awards Hosting VR Watch Party In The ‘Microverse’

The ‘Microverse’ is a virtual world composed of “floating planets, ancient giants, and explorable terrain.”

The Game Awards 2021 is just around the corner and based on comments from the show’s host, creator, and organizer Geoff Keighley it sounds as though we have a number of exciting announcements to look forward to. During a recent interview with ForTheWin, Keighley confirmed that there are several games on the same level as Elden Ring scheduled for the show.

“Oh, God, there are probably four or five things of that level,” he said. “I can’t wait to show people this stuff. Summer Game Fest was a new thing that I had created. The fact that FromSoftware bet on me and Summer Game Fest where they could have done more traditional E3 stuff, that meant a lot to me. It was a huge honor to work with the From guys, so stay tuned, there may be more coming.”

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In addition to the usual live streams on YouTube and Twitch, the event’s organizers have partnered with creative digital agency Active Theory to create the ‘Microverse’, a virtual world composed of “floating planets, ancient giants, and explorable terrain.” Here you’ll be able to watch The Game Awards live alongside other fans in real-time, explore an abstract 3D landscape, and participate in a variety of gamified challenges. Completing these activities will unlock additional rooms and features as well as new customization options for your avatar.

The VR watch party was built using Active Theory’s Dreamwave, the same platform used to create popular web-based immersive experiences such as Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky concert series, Xbox’s Anniversary Museum, and numerous other events.

“Right now, there’s a lot of discussion around how the metaverse is evolving, and much of the innovation involves gaming, so it makes perfect sense to directly involve fans at The Game Awards,” said Andy Thelander, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Dreamwave in an official release. “The microverse environments we create have gamified elements such as world-building and exploration, making the community of The Game Awards the perfect audience to be exploring the space.”

“Earlier this year I attended Secret Sky in DreamWave and was impressed with Active Theory’s no-friction platform to bring communities together,” added Keighley. “As we continue to build The Game Awards, we are excited to explore ways to bring interactivity and community around our livestream.”

The Game Awards kicks off on December 9th at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT beginning with a pre-show. The microverse can be accessed via desktop, mobile device, or VR headset at For more information on The Game Awards visit

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