Investigate Demons In ‘The Exorcist: Legion VR’ For PS VR

Exorcise the demons in this episodic VR series based on the horrifying franchise.

Those looking for more horror-based VR games for their PS VR will soon be in for a treat as the teams at Fun Train and Wolf & Wood have confirmed The Exorcist: Legion VR is on its way to the console headset.

Kicking off June 19th with Chapters 1 – 3, Legion VR is an episodic, interactive horror series that takes players into the terrifying “heart of the supernatural” as they exorcise their way through a variety of unholy missions. Each episode will cover a new investigation surrounding a unique demonic entity. Players will hone their skills as they work to uncover a twisted mystery culminating in an altercation with their greatest fears.

Episode 1, First Rites, dives into the murder of Father Bell, a priest of a nearby church who appears to have been sacrificed in some type of cult-like manner. Deeper investigation reveals the seemingly-innocent priest was working towards preventing the release of something evil – a task that now falls to you.

Episode 2, Idle Hands, continues your story from the police station where you’ll receive an odd package from a concerned associate of a schoolteacher suffering from psychotic episodes. The painful torment appears to be originating from an unknown force, skilled at eluding capture thanks through illusion.

Episode 3, Skin Deep, takes the stakes to the extreme as you battle to protect a newborn baby from Abyzou, a mythical being blamed throughout history for infant mortality. Developers promise a tough fight however, as Abyzou (Lilith in Hebrew and Medusa in Greek) is “quite persuasive.” We’ll say no more…

Chapter 4, Samaritan, and Chapter 5, The Tomb, will be available on Playstation VR later this summer as individual chapters ($6.99 each) or as part of the Complete Series ($29.99). Not sure if you’re up for the whole ride? You can pick up Chapter 1 by itself and access the rest of the series via a Season Pass ($24.00) should you choose to do so.

You can pick up The Exorcist: Legion VR on for the HTC Vive via Steam and the Oculus Rift with the Oculus Store.

Image Credit: Wolf & Wood

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