‘The Climb 2’ Introducing Monthly Collectable Events On Quest

Collect event objects scattered throughout each level to unlock exclusive seasonal wristbands.

German-based game developer Crytek today announced a major update for The Climb 2 that will introduce regular monthly updates, offering you the chance to earn exclusive wristbands inspired by the seasons.

Originally released back in March 2021 on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets, The Climb 2 is a nerve-racking VR free solo rock-climbing game that has you scaling massive cliffs, towering skyscrapers, and other precarious heights all across the world. Each location, whether it be the crumbling cliffs of the Canyon or the labyrinth-like City, features its own unique challenges to overcome, including everything from damaged grips to violent wildlife.

This past June, Crytek launched the Freestyle Update, which introduced six new levels centered around ridiculous obstacles such as giant hamster balls, slides, and rotating blocks.

Update 2.0 will add even more content to the expertly crafted VR rock-climbing game in the form of monthly collectible events. Beginning August 10th, you can earn exclusive in-game cosmetics by collecting event items scattered across each level. The first limited-time event will have you searching for digital apples to unlock a 3D farm-inspired wristband. In October, you’ll be looking for pumpkins to earn a Halloween-themed wristband. In December, you’ll help Santa collect gifts in exchange for a winter wonderland wristband.

Image Credit: Crytek

“We’re excited to continue our ongoing support for The Climb 2 with a new series of events for the game,” said Fatih Özbayram, Senior Producer, in an official release. “Completing each event will require players to explore and work out how to climb to each of the collectables, bringing a new dynamic to playing through each of the game’s levels. Our talented artists have really produced something special with the wristbands, and some of them look like miniature worlds, right there on your wrist in the game.”

The Climb 2 is available for $29.99 on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets. The first event will take place from August 10th to the 17th.

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Feature Image Credit: Crytek

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