‘The Climb 2’ Freestyle Update Adds Hamster Wheels & Slides

Part 2 of the free update turns Crytek’s VR rock climbing simulator introduces six outrageous levels.

Germany-based developer Crytek (The Climb, Robinson: The Journey) today released Part 2 of its Freestyle Expansion Pack for The Climb 2, introducing a handful of new levels complete with a variety of ridiculous obstacles designed to test your skills as a virtual rock climber.

Part 2 introduces six new levels in total (Crumbling Madness, Obstacle Course, Press Me!, Rotating Blocks, Slides, and Wheel’n’Jump), each of which featuring its own unique obstacles to overcome. Wheel’n’Jump, for example, adds enormous human-sized hamster balls to scale, whereas Crumbling Madness has you navigating a perilous course composed almost entirely of broken grips that crumble in your hands.

Similar to Part 1, which introduced “rhythm-based climbing” to the game, each of these new courses can be played in both casual and professional mode with zero checkpoints. Experienced climbers can rack up additional points by completing each level without chalking their hands. Finish every course back-to-back, and you’ll unlock exclusive gloves as a reward.

“Once again we’re delighted to bring yet another expansion pack to The Climb 2, which means more menacing levels to be taken on for players,” said Andreas Liebeskind, Principal Gamer Designer, in an official release. “Players have told us how much they love the game and the updates we’re continuously bringing to it and this is all part of our post-launch support for the game. The levels were designed for players to have fun but also challenge them in new ways and we hope they’ll enjoy what’s in store for them.”

Whereas the game’s original maps focused on providing a realistic climbing experience by replicating popular real-world locations, the Freestyle Expansion Pack features colorful, artificial environments, resulting in more of an arcade-style experience.

Image Credit: Crytek

Part 2 takes this concept to the extreme, introducing a wide range of impossible obstacles that drastically change the way you approach each level. While the core gameplay remains the same, new hurdles like the giant hamster ball and button-activated grips add a whole new dimension to the game.

Despite having completed the game start-to-finish, Crytek’s free updates have successfully kept me coming back for more. Part 2 of the Freestyle Expansion Pack is easily my favorite addition to the game thus far, offering a plethora of over-the-top courses that would impossible—or at least incredibly expensive—to replicate in real life.

The Climb 2 is available now on Oculus Quest headsets for $29.99. Parts 1 & 2 of the Freestyle Expansion Pack are available now to all existing owners 100% free of charge.

Feature Image Credit: Crytek

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