HTC’s Thanksgiving Day Sale Offers Steep Discounts On Vive Pro, Cosmos & More

Entry into the HTC Vive ecosystem has never been cheaper.

HTC is jumping into Black Friday/Cyber Monday fun with some incredibly big discounts on their VR headsets, adaptors, and VIVEPORT subscriptions with an awesome holiday sale beginning Thanksgiving Day and ending Monday, December 2nd.

This means you can order your best bud a new Vive Cosmos right before you gobble down your second helping of turkey and gravy, or get your special ladyfriend that wireless adapter she’s been hinting about all year long without even having to put down the fork!

Here’s a breakdown of all the HTC Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals heading our way this Thursday. Please note that these are US-only prices (regions may vary):

Save $300 on the Vive Pro Starter Kit, dropping the headset down to a super low $799. This kit includes a Vive Pro headset, SteamVR 1.0 base stations, and the original Vive controllers. 

If you want HTC’s next-generation controllers and base stations, you can pick up the Vive Pro Full Kit (2018 VR Awards “VR Headset of the Year”) for only $1099. This kit includes the Vive Pro headset, two SteamVR 2.0 base stations, and controllers.

Image Credit: HTC

If it’s only the headset you’re wanting, you can grab the Vive Pro HMD for $200 off, bringing the price of the headset down to an all-time low of $599; a great deal, indeed!

For the very first time HTC will be offering $100 off their new modular Vive Cosmos headset with inside out tracking, flip-up visor, 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution, and all-new LCD panels. This headset will be priced for Cyber Weekend at $599

Of course, HTC is offering discounts on more than just their hardware lineup headsets. You can pick up the Vive Wireless Adapter, which will turn your Vive Pro into a tetherless device, for $249. Saving you a cool $50!

Image Credit: HTC

The company is also dropping the price of their Certified Pre-Owned Vive System by $50, making them $349 for this weekend only.

In addition to all of these killer hardware deals, all in-box codes for this weekend will get 12 months of VIVEPORT Infinity free, giving you access to games such as Five Night at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted, SUPERHOT VR, Oh Shape, and hundreds of the best VR titles across multiple genres. The content deals don’t stop there, however — Viveport has you covered, too. Through Dec. 2nd, anyone can purchase an annual Infinity membership for $60, a 45% saving, or purchase discounted titles à la carte during the Black Friday sale.

Image Credit: HTC

Definitely some big savings coming from HTC during the holidays. Maybe with all that money you saved, you could even treat yourself to a new Vive Cosmos. 

For more information on HTC’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, check out HTC’s website on Thanksgiving Day. 

Feature Image Credit: HTC

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