The Best Game In Tetris History Is Now Available On Oculus Quest

Old-school gaming meets bleeding-edge tech with the VR release of Tetris Effect.

I realize this headline may sound a bit controversial, but I dare anyone who’s had the pleasure of enjoying Tetris Effect to tell me otherwise. Released exclusively on PlayStation 4 with support for PSVR back in 2018, Tetris Effect blew audiences away by turning the conventional block-stacking experience into a captivating audio-visual experience unlike anything available at the time.

By compressing the block-stacking gameplay and placing it center of the screen, developers Monstars Inc. and Resonair were able to include a healthy catalog of mesmerizing visuals and goose bump-inducing audio that reacts to player input. Everything from the music to the background to the lighting responds in real-time to your actions, adding a bit of excitement and a surge of adrenaline to each of your moves.

And I’m just describing standard TV mode; slap on a PlayStation VR headset and Tetris Effect turns into an immersive puzzle experience almost impossible to describe in words. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the PSVR provides the ideal version of the experience, which is why it’s so exciting to see Tetris Effect finally available on one of the most popular VR headsets currently on the market.

Will everyone who picks up this title on Quest fall in love with it like I have? No. For all the music and pageantry, at the end of the day you’re still playing a game of Tetris, albeit one with a lot more flair. So if you haven’t enjoyed the infamous puzzle game in the past, odds are your opinion won’t change with Tetris Effect. If you are, however, a fan of the legendary series or just solid puzzle games in general, this is an absolute must-buy on Quest.

Tetris Effect is now available on Oculus Quest for $29.99.

Image Credit: Monstars Inc. and Resonair

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