Is Tesla Looking Into VR and AR?

With over 1,600 jobs listed on Tesla’s career page, it may come as no surprise to some that the electric car manufacturer is looking to fill a virtual reality and augmented reality software engineer role.

Up until now though, we have heard little when it came to Tesla and any plans for immersive technology. But now we have a job posting looking for a full-time VR and AR software engineer out of their Fremont, CA offices.

The career posting is for a “AR/VR Software Engineer” and has the following job description:

Tesla is seeking a creative VR/AR Software Engineer to design, and develop software apps and simulations for Virtual and Augmented Reality environments. Candidate will also install and demonstrate sophisticated Virtual applications. The successful candidate must enjoy unique challenges and problem solving while being customer focused, and possess the ability to build high-quality, innovative and fully performing software in compliance with coding standards and technical design.

Some job requirements include everything from “experience of various VR/AR display systems” and “hands on experience in designing interactive applications.”

You can apply for the position here.


It was only last month that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, took the stage at the Recode Code conference and commented that he thinks there’s a “one in billions” chance that we’re not living in a computer simulation right now, meaning Musk is a firm believer in the hypothesis that a super intelligent artificial intelligence created the universe as we know it. Musk also alluded to a future of photorealistic 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously and where “soon we’ll have virtual reality, augmented reality, if you assume any rate of improvement at all, the games will become indistinguishable from reality.”

Although we’d love to think Musk’s Tesla Masterplan Part 2 that he is hoping to publish later this week will be VR related, chances are its not. But we can still keeping dreaming in this simulation we all live in anyways.

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