Team Behind ‘ForeVR Bowling’ Announces VR Dart Game

Choose from over 50 types of darts, each with its own unique weight, custom effects, and attributes.

ForeVR Games, the developer of the popular VR bowling game ForeVR Bowling on Quest, today announced the latest addition to its growing lineup of colorful VR sports experiences, ForeVR Darts. Whereas the company’s last game had players bowling turkeys using their Touch controllers, ForeVR Darts utilizes the Quest’s hand-tracking technology to offer a more “hands-on” experience.

Available next month on Oculus (Meta) Quest and Quest 2, this arcade experience will have you going head-to-head with NPC opponents (easy, medium, and hard difficulties) as well as human players via public and private multiplayer rooms. There’s also a Pass-and-Play mode that allows you to play with friends locally using a single headset. The game will feature over 50 different types of darts, each with its own unique attributes. This includes everything from weight and design to custom effects and flight patterns.

At launch, you’ll have access to three unique Darts halls. Here you can compete against other players in a variety of game modes, including Double Out (501, 301), 501, 301, 201, and 101. Each hall also features a YouTube-powered jukebox, allowing you to choose your own playlist. Moving forward, ForeVR will introduce a dedicated playlist for each hall.

Image Credit: ForeVR Games

Similar to ForeVR Bowling, the game will make use of Facebook’s new-and-improved avatars, allowing you to interact with other players using simple interactions like fist bumps and high fives. While this may sound like a relatively minute feature, the ability to interact naturally with other players in VR is one of ForeVR Bowling’s biggest selling points.

“We’re really trying to ramp up and provide common social games,” said CEO Marcus Segal during an interview with GamesBeat. “So if you love playing with your friends, you can bowl and talk at the same time, or play darts too in this virtual world.”

Image Credit: ForeVR Games

“What we love to create are games that people play in real life, translated into VR,” he added. “We choose the games that people can play while they’re chatting. We can catch up with each other over darts, or play games for a date night.”

ForeVR Darts will be available on Quest and Quest 2 headsets beginning December 16th for $9.99. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: ForeVR

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