Target Makes Halloween Shopping Easier with 360 Video Series

Target Virtual Reality Halloween

Target is reminding parents that Halloween is just around the corner and letting kids explore a haunted house with the latest launch of a 360-degree video series called “The House on Hallow Hill”.

The YouTube video series was created in-house by Target and includes six videos, starting with an introductory scene to set up the series story. All shot within a “haunted” mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota, viewers can explore different parts of the house, each room decorated with a spooky Halloween theme. Users can navigate the 360-degree videos on desktop or by tilting and panning their smartphone in a search to find the raven that stole your phone within the 360-degree scene.

Even though the Target videos are for the most part just one-minute 360-degree clips of Halloween themed rooms, the retailer is specifically targeting Halloween enthusiasts who may be searching for inspiration and an easy way to shop for decorations. 360-degree video provides a great solution for shoppers to actually visualize the room decorations from all angles, and at the same time, shop for them on The retailer has created shopping lists for each video that the viewer can then easily click to cart and start creating their own haunted house.

The House on Hollow Hill

The House on Hollow Hill

With YouTube being one of the top platforms for consumers when searching for inspiration and how-to content, releasing a series of 360-degree videos over a week before Halloween may be just what stressed out parents need to avoid last-minute shopping.

You can check out all the individual mansion rooms on YouTube: The Ghoulish Graveyard, The Candy Carnival, The Haunted Dining Hall, and The Sugar Skull Cantina

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