‘System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition’ Will Feature VR Support

Nightdive Studios teases official headset support in a short gameplay video.

Survival horror fans rejoice! After lengthy radio silence from Nightdive Studios, the Washington-based developer this week provided fans with a long-awaited update on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition.

In a shaky 8-second video posted yesterday on Twitter, Nightdive confirmed official VR support for its remake of the beloved survival horror classic, showing off several brutal interactions in the process. In the video provided, a developer can be seen using a Valve Index controller to swing an in-game monkey wrench in order to break glass, destroy certain objects, and kill a horrifying creature.

Released back in 1999 to widespread critical acclaim, System Shock 2 is considered highly influential on the first-person shooter and horror genres. Players could actually customize their protagonists and progress through a development system similar to that of a conventional role-playing game, elements which—at the time—were considered to be revolutionary for the survival horror genre. Combined with a captivating plot and engaging open-world gameplay, System Shock 2 blew away both critics and players at launch, setting the groundwork for a new generation of terrifying survival horror experiences.

In August of 2019, Nightdive Studios announced that it was working on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition for the PC, and that additional information would be “coming soon.” After extended radio silence, however, many expected the project to be dead. That was until yesterday’s tweet.

“We’re going to experiment with other platforms mostly to evaluate how the UI from [System Shock 2] would transition to a controller, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll see [it] appear on console anytime soon,” said Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick while speaking to GamesRadar in regards to other goals. “Our priority with the Enhanced Edition is to be able to deliver an updated co-op multiplayer component. As of right now starting a co-op campaign is needlessly complicated and we’re going to address that by implementing features that will enable a more modern and streamlined experience.” 

No word yet on an official release date.

Image Credit: Nightdive Studios

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