Syfy VR Show Coming to Oculus Rift

Syfy has partnered up with Emmy-winning studio Secret Location to produce a series of VR episodes.

The short-form scripted VR series will include 5 episodes made available for the Oculus Rift on top of the 10 episodes for standard TV that Secret Location will also produce for the network.

The series, Halcyon, is set in the year 2058 where virtual reality is so ubiquitous that a virtual reality crimes unit (VRCU) was setup to police VR. The series follows the unit’s detective Julie Dover as she investigates the first real-life murder taken place in virtual reality.

Halcyon will be directed by Bafta-nominated Benjamin Arfmann (Random Stop). For those without an Oculus Rift headset, you will still be able to catch up on the VR episodes via short recaps on Syfy’s website.

“VR is being exposed to more and more people and with projects like Halcyon, we intend to help this immersive form of entertainment grow,” James Milward, president of Secret Location, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Secret Location team at the 2015 Emmy's

Secret Location team at the 2015 Emmy’s

We have covered the VR work of Canadian-based Secret Location in the past with a prominent Emmy nod for Sleepy Hollow, VAN Beethoven, Frontline’s Ebola documentary and CrowdRise’s VR giving app.

Last month we interviewed Eric Shamlin of Secret Location on his thoughts exploring CG virtual reality production and 360-degree video production.

On set during Halcyon shoot.

On set during Halcyon shoot.

Although there is no word on a release date, production for Halcyon has already begun in Toronto this month.

Image Credit: Secret Location

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