SYFY To Debut Multi-Narrative VR/AR Experience At SXSW

Eleven Eleven’ offers a front row seat to the extinction of the human race.

I love the SYFY channel. Very few networks are willing to take a chance on bold, sometimes questionable storytelling the way this offbeat sci-fi, horror, fantasy-focused entertainment provider has. Sometimes, this mean praise-worthy content, such as The Expanse; other times, it means Sharktopus.

Keeping in line with their history of fascinating investments, SYFY yesterday announced Eleven Eleven, a daring new original science fiction experience built specifically for PC VR, mobile VR, and AR platforms.

Set on an island planet in which an extinction-level event is just 11-minutes and 11-seconds away from wiping out all local life, users spend the experience learning the stories behind a group of interconnected characters as they await their inevitable destruction. Utilizing spatial score technology, each of these characters features a personalized soundtrack composed by Bleeding Fingers–an award-winning production company co-founded by Hans Zimmer–that changes and adapts based on the players physical location in proximity to that character.

Developed in partnership with Academy Award-winning visual effects studio Digital Domain, the cinematic experience allows users to control the adventure, although to what degree what don’t yet know.

Image Credit: NBCUniversal

“With Eleven Eleven, we are pioneering an innovative scripted format for science fiction content that blends the best of theatre, gaming and cinema to create unique VR and AR experiences,” states Steve Patscheck, EVP Global Programming, NBCUniversal International Networks, in an official release. “By creating an original piece of IP, SYFY was able to design specifically for VR and AR, all the while exploring how immersive technologies could heighten the thrill of storytelling.”

“We’re delighted to be partnering with SYFY and NBCUniversal International Networks on Eleven Eleven,” adds Neil Graham, Executive Producer, Sky VR Studios. “It is a truly innovative VR experience and a brilliant step forward in our growing range of VR content.”

Image Credit: NBCUniversal

Eleven Eleven will feature three separate releases, each custom-tailored for tethered (PC) VR, mobile VR, and AR devices.

The experience makes it world debut this month at SXSW Film Festival’s Virtual Cinema stream March 8th – March 17th. Eleven Eleven will be available for public download May of this year on Oculus, Vive, PlayStation VR, and the App Store. A Sky VR version will also be available to those in Sky territories. 

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