Syfy Brings The Expanse Virtual Reality Experience to Comic-Con

Syfy Expanse Virtual Reality Comic Con

Comic-Con VR announcements are flowing in and Syfy is joining the fun with their latest 360-degree Google Cardboard experience to promote “The Expanse,” a space drama set to premiere on Syfy in Decemeber.

Much like Legendary VR and their Google Cardboard giveaway at Comic-Con for Warcraft, Syfy will be giving out 13,000 Google Cardboard headsets to attendees. Fans can pick up their headset at the Expanse Café in the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego.


Whether you are at home or at Comic-Con, you can download Syfy’s “Expanse VR” app for iOS and Android to explore a massive freighter spaceship that hauls ice from the moons of Saturn to the asteroid belt, where it supplies water for the population.

Syfy joins the long growing list of TV networks, like ABC Family’s Stitchers, launching Google Cardboard VR experiences to promote an upcoming TV series.

The “Expanse VR” experience was produced in collaboration with Syfy, NBCUniversal Media Labs, IM360 and Digital Domain. The goal was to build more than just a one-off experience. Syfy will be adding new content to the Expanse VR app in the coming months.


Syfy is also considering the production of additional virtual reality experiences for other show series, including some that may involve live-action content shot exclusively for VR.

You can download Expanse VR on GooglePlay or iTunes.

Image Credit: Syfy

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