Sweetarts Brings Chewy Sours VR Game to Vidcon

A candy throwing face-off.

The candy-obsessed brand known for their chewy sour gummy treats has added their own twist on a VR game. Making its debut at Vidcon last week, the Chewy Sours Tart Toss had attendees feverishly throwing virtual candy at a friend in quick two-player battles.

Powered by two HTC Vive VR headsets, the Sweetarts VR game placed you in an alternate candy universe where you’re transformed into a giant Sweetarts Chewy Sours bag.

Facing off with a friend, also a giant Sweetarts bag with arms, you must both throw, dodge, and block candy from filling your personal bag. The virtual candy cornhole game gives you both 60 seconds to compete—all while trying to rack up the highest score to make your way on the leaderboard for the day.

Select fans also got to play alongside content creators, Tiffany Garcia, also known as iHasCupquake, and Sonja Reid, aka OMGitsfirefoxx, a superstar gamer on Twitch and VR enthusiast.

The VR game experience was created in collaboration with dotdotdash, who has been experimenting heavily in the VR space with unique activations and experiences. In January, the Portland-based experiential agency was a HTC Vive tracker launch partner, debuting their physical camera that could capture virtual photos.

In addition to Sweetarts making their VR debut at Vidcon, Nickelodeon showed off their own social VR experience for the first time. SlimeZone VR let attendees jump into one of six networked Oculus Rift headsets and enter a world of slime blasters and dance parties.

Going on its eighth year, VidCon brings tens of thousands of screaming fans together with their favorite video content creators. Even though we saw more introductory VR experiences at VidCon last year; 2017 brought social interactive VR front and center with the next generation of creators and consumers.

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