The Suzuki CS-1X Is the “World’s First” Motorcycle Built Using AR

Early investors can use an AR-enhanced app to customize their limited edition cafe racer.

California-based custom motorcycle specialists RYCA Motors is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new custom motorcycle kit available for a limited time to early investors. According to RYCA, CS-1X is the “world’s first” motorcycle built with the assistance of augmented reality technology.

RYCA Motors first entered the custom bike race back in 2010 with the CS-1, a specialized motorcycle kit designed to convert the Suzuki LS650 Savage from cruiser to cafe racer. The 2020 CS-1X kit comes packaged with the company’s FantomView smartphone app, which allows users to customize the style and makeup of their ride using AR. Owners can select from a variety of custom parts and watch as each selected component automatically snaps to place on their tasty cafe racer. Users can then view their digitally customized ride from any angle, zero mechanical knowledge required. The app can even provide real-time suggestions for those customizing their ride for the first time.

“No trend in motorcycling has been bigger than the concept of customization, and now even the major OEMs design and market their bikes as a platform for endless personalization,” said Casey Stevenson, CEO of RYCA, in an official statement. “But finding parts and accessories for a specific bike and making sure they all work together can be a major challenge since there are thousands of parts made by hundreds of manufacturers.”

“Augmented reality takes the guesswork out of shopping for OEM and aftermarket parts because you can see exactly how they’re going to fit and how they’re going to look before you buy them,” added RYCA COO Ryan Rajewski. “It can also be used for tech support, maintenance, and repair in ways far beyond what is possible with written manuals or videos. We’re convinced it’s the future of parts, sales, and service.”

While the FantomView app is currently only available as part of the 2020 CS-1X kit, RYCA is launching a crowd-funding campaign in the hopes of expanding the app to include a wide range of Powersports; the end goal being a fully-realized AR platform capable of supporting entire manufacturers and retailers.

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Image Credit: RYCA Motors

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