Survey Finds More Than 1 Of 10 British Women Want VR Sex

One of the drivers of the virtual reality sector’s growth is the same business that helped propel DVDs and Blu-rays into our living room — adult entertainment.

And according to a new survey from the fertility app Natural Cycles, women may be more interested than ever in having sex in a virtual world. The company interviewed 2,618 women and found 16 percent would like to have sex in VR, with 40 percent saying technology can make sex more enjoyable.

Natural Cycles co-founder Dr. Elina Berglund says the survey shows how “Brits love tech and are open minded.”

“Future technologies, like advanced wearable tech, virtual reality, intelligent sex toys and artificial skin, are becoming part of our everyday lives and redefining the way we enjoy sex,” Berglund told The Daily Mail.

So how does a woman jump into VR sex? Well, they could plug into a 360-degree cam service like CamSoda and have virtual sex with a partner thousands of miles away with sex toys made by award-winning adult designer Kiiroo.

Kiiroo’s Pearl, for instance, is a two-way vibrator that reacts to the company’s Onyx masturbator pictured below.


Many other digitally controlled sex toys coupled with a VR headset and a live stream can also offer a similar experience. And today, women and men can turn to 360-degree live streaming services to put on an erotic show for VR users across the net.

Ela Darling, the spokeswoman for another pioneering adult VR webcam platform CAM4VR, told VRScout in an email her peers in the industry first “looked down on” VR porn, thinking it was going nowhere.

“Now you don’t see a single adult event where there isn’t a panel about virtual reality or five people showing some kind of VR,” Darling said. “Even mainstream companies are saying that they need some kind of VR in order to stay ahead of it.”

Darling said she believes “mainstream VR needs to lead the way for porn” in the future.

“Porn was actually able to turn the tide when it came to new tech,” Darling said. “But people don’t really pay for porn anymore. They are starting to pay for VR porn, but not in a way to drive the industry.”

Image Credit: CamSoda / Kiiroo

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