VR Fitness Platform Supernatural Offering Discounted Subscription Rates For A Limited Time

Founding Members will receive a 35% discount of $149.99 per year.

Since its release last month on Oculus Quest, premium VR fitness platform Supernatural has been gaining a ton of buzz thanks to its robust soundtrack of chart-topping music and growing catalog of daily workout regiments. Much of this attention can also be attributed to the apps unique pricing model.

Unlike many of the titles available through the Oculus Quest Store, Supernatural ditches the one-time payment model in favor of a monthly subscription service. The decision drew some backlash from parts of the Oculus Quest community, many of whom finding the monthly fee to be overpriced.

In what appears to be a direct response to all the commotion, developer WITHIN today announced a limited time discount for early adopters which chops a sizable 35% off a month-to-month subscription; that’s $13 per month as opposed to the standard rate of $19.99. Those who take up the offer between now and May 31st will be grandfathered into this rate for life, meaning the price will never go up in the future.

Those who miss the Founding Members deal can sign up for an annual subscription for $199; that’s still $50 off a month-to-month subscription. WITHIN has also confirmed that monthly subscriptions will remain at $19.99 indefinitely.

To upgrade your current subscription head to your Supernatural companion app and tap on the settings gear located in your profile. Then it’s just a matter of heading to “Your Membership” and tapping the Upgrade button. You can also update your account via the Supernatural website.

Supernatural is available now on Oculus Quest headsets; those signing up for the first time are eligible for a 30-day free trial.

Image Credit: WITHIN

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