Superman 64 Is So Much Better In VR

A new prototype experience brings the infamous Nintendo 64 game to life on headsets, and it’s not half-bad…

In May of 1999, Superman 64 launched on Nintendo 64 consoles. Despite impressive sales, the third-person action game was universally panned by critics, who labeled it as one of the worst video games of all time due to poor controls, a brutally simplistic plot, and a myriad of other unignorable issues.

That’s not where this story ends, however. This week a developer going by the name of WackoMedia released Super Human Six, an unofficial VR port of Superman 64 that attempts to fix the original game’s horrendous gameplay with the introduction of immersive motion controls.

You’re probably assuming I did this as clickbait or a joke game. And yeah, it is funny, but hear me out,” said the developer in a video posted on YouTube. “Everything is better in VR, even Superman 64, and I intend to prove that.”

Instead of the classic Nintendo 64 “Trident” gamepad, you fly by holding out your motion controllers in classic superhero fashion. The experience is infinitely more comfortable than the original, as is the new first-person perspective. You can also use your god-like strength to pick up cars and toss them effortlessly throughout the virtual city.

The demo, while short, offers a variety of activities to explore. The current version features three ring mazes to complete, a handful of terrible traps to avoid, and a practice mode you can use to hone your skills or just fly casually throughout the city. There’s even a new ending that promises a more satisfying conclusion than the game’s now-infamous 20-second cutscene.

“It’s a good game design, inverted, like it’s from Bizarro land. So I’ve always wondered what would happen if the elements were tweaked,” added WackoMedia. “If you change the unresponsive controls, the high pressure air that powers the hurricane, if you will, would the other elements be forgiven? Even enjoyed?

What do you think? Super Human Six is available free to download on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. According to the developer, additional content may be added depending on the demand, so get out there and show your support! We can’t let Lex Luthor win!

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