Chinese Elle Debuts ‘Hetero-Dimensional’ Virtual Idols In Massive 16-Page Spread

Chinese subsidiary of Elle Magazine targets Gen-Z readers with science and technology inspired fashion.

Modern media is currently being infiltrated by a wave of synthetic personalities tailor-made to appeal to the growing number of tech-savvy youngsters. Referred to by many as “Virtual Beings”, these artificial humans offer all the benefits of influencer marketing without any of the accompanying headaches. After all, why hassle with human talent when you can simply generate your own ageless personality?

“Compared with real idols, virtual idols have a more unique business advantage,” states Hearst Magazine International Group in an official release. “With the continuous breakthrough of virtual technology, for virtual idols whose words and deeds are indistinguishable from real people, their “presence” in the real world will be higher than that of ordinary two-dimensional characters, making them more effective than social media platforms. In addition to fan interaction, it can also enter more fields like real people and rely on media platforms to boldly adopt innovative forms of publicity to suit the preferences of young ethnic groups; and fans can also transfer their emotions to virtual masters to specific Above the works.”

Last month SuperElle, a Chinese subsidiary of worldwide fashion & lifestyle media outlet Elle, introduced Sam Dashan and Liz Chestnuts, a pair of virtual fashion models designed specifically for Millenial and Gen-Z readers. Referred to by the media organization as “Hetero-Dimensional”, Sam and Dashan’s 16-page spread on SuperELLE guides readers through a futuristic world, including a technologically-advanced Japan and a magical Shanghai, as they show off the latest 2020 spring and summer trend fashion inspired by “young people’s future fashion outlook.”

Using the official ELLEplus smartphone app available on iOS, readers can bring the adventure to life in their own homes via augmented reality. Scanning AR-compatible pages using the app unlocks interactive AR models of both Sam and Liz jumping, sinning around, and blowing kisses in the air.

Moving forward, SuperELLE will continue to promote Sam and Liz as they begin cooperating with more brands and products.

While Sam and Liz are far from the first virtual beings used for marketing purposes, their introduction does indicate a growing rise of fashion-focused beings. Over in the West, digital influencers such as Lil Miquela are continuing to draw attention from major fashion brands as a way to help market their products to younger generations. As Gen-Z consumers begin taking president in the eyes of major corporations, expect to see even more artificial celebrities marketing your favorite products.

Image Credit: SuperELLE, Outside Insight

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