The VR Fart Short Heard Round Sundance

Sundance Film Festival continues throughout the week and virtual reality is a hot topic here in Park City, Utah. With multiple VR film premieres happening every night of the festival, one VR comedy short has been creating a few laughs.

Samsung, the official mobile sponsor of Sundance, has been contributing to the festival’s programming with daily panels and hands on Gear VR demos at their tented Samsung Studio. Everyone from filmmakers, content developers, and actors have been popping in to the Samsung Studio and Friday night attendees got a chance to premiere a VR comedy short about farts. Well sort of about farts.

"Interrogation" VR comedy short

“Interrogation” VR comedy short

Rob Huebel known for his sketch comedy work on the MTV series Human Giant and Paul Scheer from the FX series The League, partnered up with Funny or Die to create their first VR project titled Interrogation.

Interrogation is a VR comedy short featuring both comedians, where the viewer sees the point of view of someone accused of a horrible crime, you guessed it farting. All the while Huebel and Scheer play the extremely bad police interrogators.

Actor Rob Huebel attends Funny Or Die World Premiere of virtual reality comedy short, "Interrogation"

Actor Rob Huebel watches himself in the virtual reality comedy short “Interrogation”

Although some may or may not find the VR comedy skit about a fart-related crime funny, Huebel and Scheer think it’s hands down the best part of the 2016 festival. What surprises can you expect during your VR interrogation? You’ll just have to wait and see, but don’t be surprised if Huebel threatens you with a gun and Scheer tries to make out with you.

Huebel and Scheer also held a discussion with attendees on how the Samsung Gear VR is empowering comedic storytelling in new and immersive ways.

Take a bow.

Take a bow.

The Samsung Studio is located at 638 Park Avenue and will be open from January 22 – January 26, 2016.

In other VR content news, Samsung, in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment and Wevr, unveiled the latest cluster of episodes from Samsung’s original thriller “GONE.” During December 2015, “GONE Episode #1: Pilgrim” quickly rose to be the number one most viewed piece of content on the service, with viewers quickly gravitating towards the “exploratory video” technology unique to the series.

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