Stick To Your Diet Using Suggestic’s New AR Meal Planning Feature

The Suggestic App experimental AR feature helps you choose the healthiest options while dining out at restaurants.

Making smart choices with your food can be incredibly challenging for anyone trying to eat healthy, especially when you’re out at a restaurant. Menus are designed to tempt you and lure you into exploring the chef’s offerings, making it difficult for you to choose the healthiest items.

Suggestic, an app designed to help you make the right food choices to reach various health goals such as weight loss, increased energy, improved digestion, better skin, and overall performance, has a new experimental AR feature called Suggestic Lens designed to guide you through the best food choices on the menu.

Using the Suggestic Lens, users can access a visual breakdown of a menus offerings based on a various diets, including balanced, vegetarian, low carb, and paleo. To do this, simply open up the Suggestic app on your smartphone and select the option to launch the Suggestic Lens. 

Using your smartphone camera, you can scan a menu to unlock nutritional information like protein, fat, and carbs. The app rates the best food on a scale from 1 to 10 – 10 being the best choice.

If there is something on the menu you should not order, whether it’s because of calories or restricted ingredients, the app will layer a big red X over the item. It will even breakdown the ingredients of said order so you understand why exactly it should be avoided.

Maybe calories aren’t a big concern for you, but you’re actively looking to avoid any high-fat foods. The app will let you create a personalized plan so you don’t derail your specific health goals.

Suggestic Lens is able to offer this AR-based food experience using two powerful Apple tools; Core ML to integrate machine learning to recognize ingredients in each menu descriptions, and Apple’s ARKit 3 to deliver AR information to your smartphone. Together they can help anyone stay on the right track with their diets.

Image Credit: Suggestic

Jake Robinson, a Certified Personal Trainer, told VRScout, “Sticking to a diet can be harder than working out, especially when you’re at a restaurant. The more tools people have, the easier it is for people to stay on track to hit their health goals.”

One thing to keep in mind is that the Suggestic Lens feature is still in the experimental stage, it isn’t officially live as of yet, but there is a mockup menu available on their website you can use to get a taste of the app’s potential.

Suggestic Lens also gives users a number of other awesome features such as tasty recipes for over 20 different diets, meal suggestions at over 500 restaurants, personalized meal planners and instant grocery lists, as well as the ability to track macros and calories with a single click. The Suggestic Lens feature is available now in the Apple App Store and works best on iPhones X and the iPhone 11, though it should be compatible with any device running iOS 13.

Feature Image Credit: Suggestic

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