Students Use HoloLens To Create Batman’s High-Tech Cowl

Microsoft AR technology could make Batman’s advanced crime-fighting headpiece a reality.

Ok so the last couple of films to feature everyone’s favorite bat-themed vigilante superhero haven’t exactly blown audiences or critics away. However despite some questionable decisions regarding the script, there’s no denying that this most recent Dark Knight is one of the coolest iterations we’ve seen.

This is due in large part to “Batffleck’s” insanely cool AR-enabled cowl which includes facial recognition software, GPS functionality, voice recognition and various other advanced crime-solving applications. The bleeding-edge mask has easily become the most recognizable piece of Batman’s current outfit, glowing in the darkness as it illuminates criminals hiding in the shadows. It’s a perfect parallel to the technology-centered world we currently find ourselves inhabiting.

Now a special team of students enrolled at Full Sail University are looking to bring that same advanced technology to life by creating their very own version of the futuristic helmet. Developed as part of Full Sail’s ongoing Hacker Labs YouTube challenge series, the team began by separating into two teams dedicated to fabrication and user interface respectively.

The UI squad had the immense responsibility of coding the actual AR interface and integration programs like real-time weather updates, an easily accessible criminal database, facial recognition, speech control and even audio/video recording and monitoring for polygraph purposes.

They’ll also be incorporating Microsoft tech like Cortana, Visual Studios and more. The fabrication group on the other hand was tasked with effectively fitting all that impressive tech into the actual helmet while maintaining that sleek design.

The challenge is only two episodes deep, but already significant progress can be seen. The crew does have some experience after all, having worked on an Iron Man-style helmet in the past. However, the more compact size of the cowl has proven to be a bit more complicated compared to the spacious Iron Man helmet.

For a look a the eventual final product definitely keep your eyes peeled for more episodes via the official Full Sail University YouTube.

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