StubHub Let’s You Preview Your Seat in VR

See how good or bad your seats are with the StubHub app virtual reality preview.

The next time your debating on what seat tickets to buy for a Giants game at AT&T Park, you will be able to get an immersive 3-D view of available seats.

StubHub is making the process of picking seats that much easier now with the addition of a VR feature to the StubHub app. The app which is available on both Android and iOS, will give you an option to preview your seat view by rotating your phone or tablet around to see different views. Pop your phone into a Google Cardboard VR viewer or Gear VR headset and you also have an immersive view option as well.


Although the VR experience is limited for now to just Houston’s NRG Stadium and AT&T Park for upcoming Giant’s games, StubHub will likely expand to other venues if interest grows. For now the immersive “views” are just 3D renderings of the venue, but it’s still a solid preview of what kind of seating experience you can expect after making a purchase.

In a time of VR hype and marketers who are trying to create virtual reality campaigns to drum up additional press, what StubHub is actually experimenting with in VR solves real world problems. This isn’t a gimmick but an actual real use case of how VR can give customers confidence in their purchase and a more emotional purchasing experience.

The next option I would love to see StubHub experiment with is the ability to see where the sun in the sky will be throughout the game. For some of us folks, spending hours watching a ball game in the shade might just warrant a comfort premium for tickets.

Update: Competing ticket platform Rukkus, is working on offering ticket shoppers a chance to view potential seats using 360° panoramic photography instead of StubHub’s 3-D renderings, which might give us a more realistic look of what seats we will actually be purchasing.

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