‘Streetball League’ Brings Arcade Basketball To The Oculus Quest And Steam

The sweeter your moves the higher your score in this NBA Jam-style streetball VR game.

Inspired by classic arcade basketball games such as NBA Jam and NBA Street Vol. 2, Streetball League is an upcoming VR basketball experience for the Oculus Quest/Quest 2 and SteamVR that lets you take to the pavement in 1v1 matches against AI as well as human players via online multiplayer.

Sinkin’ threes in VR. Image Credit: Vinci Games

Brought to us by indie game studio Vinci Games, Streetball League promises a combination of realistic dribbling physics, shooting mechanics, and smooth free-roam locomotion for an authentic VR basketball experience centered around addictive 1v1 pickup games where style matters. You can score points by sinking buckets or by performing complex maneuvers such as dribble tricks and slam dunks. The campaign will have you duking it out against local legends across 2 iconic courts, Venice Beach, LA and Rucker Park, NYC.

In addition to single-player mode, Streetball League will also feature online multiplayer, training challenges, 6-4 streetball characters, and a free-to-play mode when it launches in Early Access later this year. Plans for a full release are currently scheduled for 2022.

Raining daggers. // Image Credit Vinci Games

According to the two-person development team, the goal was to “make the game, music, and environments as authentic as possible.” The duo even worked alongside legendary streetball figures to ensure the experience had the look, feel, and flair of real-world streetball matchups.

The team is currently working to bring several recognizable streetball emcees to the game, as well as a 90’s hip hop soundtrack composed by a unique music producer who recently went viral on Reddit.

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Image Credit: Vinci Games

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