Steve-O Stars In VR Miniseries ‘Headset Hotshots’

The modern day daredevil takes his signature brand of stunts to VR in this action-packed YouTube miniseries.

When it was first announced that Jackass’s Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known as Steve-O, would be taking part in an original VR miniseries, we naturally assumed the show would simply consist of a healthy variety of death-defying and idiotic stunts in 360-degrees. Apparently, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this ambitious (?) YouTube series.

Directed by VR veteran Sam Macaroni in collaboration with mixed reality production studio Thundership, Headset Hotshots is a four-episode series available in both VR and 360-degrees that takes users on a journey through some of the internet’s greatest VR fails, stumbles, accidents, and freakouts.

The first two episodes of the series will be hosted by Steve-O alongside his Wildboyz and Jackass co-star, Chris Pontius, as the fearless duo aim to recreate some of the most outrageous VR fails while wearing headsets. Based on the set photos provided, however, it appears as though Steve-O and Pontius couldn’t help but take these recreations to the next level, sometimes literally.

VR games featured in these episodes include interactive filmmaking app Mindshow and zombie-horror title Brookhaven, among others.

The following two episodes will feature Aaron Schoenke, creator of the YouTube film/music production channel, batinthesun, which is best known for its Super Power Beat Down. These remaining installments will center around superhero VR content specifically, such as Sony’s Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience.

Each of the four episodes lasts approximately four minutes and will be released on a weekly basis via Steve-O’s personal YouTube channel.

Think you may have committed a VR fail worthy of Steve-O’s pain? Submit your clip over at for a chance to have it recreated on the show!

Although the series is launching with only four planned episodes, Macaroni has hopes the show could eventually evolve into “The Tonight Show” of VR. Whatever the case, it’s exciting to see A-list star continue to show their investment in virtual reality content.

Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing an epic Steve-O nut-shot in immersive 360-degrees?

Image Credit: Thundership

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