Turn Any Stationary Bike Into A VR Fitness Machine With This $100 Sensor

VirZOOM is back with a more affordable option for exercising in virtual reality.

You might remember VirZoom as the VR stationary bike that features an array of fitness-based experiences such as lassoing bandits atop a galloping horse, cutting tight corners in an Indy race car and flying through the clouds on a mystical Pegasus just to name a few. The intuitive peripheral was also responsible for a game developer pedaling off an incredible 50 pounds.

In fact the only perceivable downside to the device is the steep price tag of $400. Well if your finances were the only roadblock keeping you from cycling your way through a virtual Tour De France then boy do we have some good news for you.

During last weeks E3 event VirZoom officially unveiled its VZ Sensor, a tiny attachment that secures to the crank of any stationary bike turning it into a virtual reality cardio gym. The $100 device is compatible with most mainstream headsets including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR, with support for mobile VR options such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Google DayDream on the way.

So what’s the difference between the $100 sensor and the full $400 set-up? Well obviously going with just the sensor means you’ll have to provide your own exercise bike. Just as glaring however is the fact that you’ll also have to hold your own controllers as you pedal. The full VirZOOM bike has built-in controllers on the handlebars for easy and comfortable control. The sensor option on the other hand means clumsily holding your respective headsets controllers while riding, an especially complex process if you’re using the dual set-ups featured on the Vive, Rift and PSVR.   

Complicated control mechanics aside, it’s exciting to see VirZOOM focus on making its VR technology more accessible by offering a lower price of entry. I had a chance to check out the VirZOOM whilst at an event in NY and the experience was much more enjoyable than I had initially expected. Using the handlebar-mounted controls to navigate a tank and blow away mechs was as fun as it was energizing. Hopefully more developers will continue to utilize VirZOOM’s free SDK to create and share their own physically-engaging virtual reality adventures.

You can head to VirZOOM’s official website to get your own VZ Sensor. Pre-order now to receive it by Fall 2017 for $10 off!

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