Star Wars Trials on Tatooine HTC Vive Trailer Arrives

First look at the trailer for the HTC Vive cinematic VR experience.

After some leaked screenshots shared over the weekend, we finally get to see the full trailer for Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine.

The trailer reveals that a new Star Wars virtual reality experience will be arriving on the HTC Vive system thanks to the amazing team at Industrial Light & Magic. And according to the trailer, it looks like you will be able to use hand-controllers to wield and deflect with a lightsaber!


The HTV Vive will be officially launching on April 5th and the tailer reveals glimpses of what we can expect from a number of different parts to the “virtual reality cinematic experiment.”


More details about the new Star Wars Trials on Tatooine are expected to be officially announced soon.

GDC and VRDC technology events are both taking place and I am sure there will be plenty of more exciting news and updates.

Props to RoadToVR for digging this one up!

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