‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Free Holiday Supply Drop Adds New Map & Starfighters

EA announces two free updates after an overwhelming response by players.

Since launching on PC VR headsets back in October, EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons has amassed a sizable following of hardcore pilots infatuated with the games jaw-dropping environments, white-knuckle dogfighting, and surprisingly in depth starfighter customization. The response has been so positive, in fact, that the company is releasing two free content updates despite having previously stated that no additional DLC will be provided after launch.

Humbled. That’s the word of the hour for all of us on the team.,” states EA in an official release. “The outpouring of support you’ve all shown us has truly been humbling. When we set out to make Star Wars™: Squadrons, the team had a singular vision: make the next great starfighter experience. We wanted to honour the classic games that came before us and provide everything to our players from the start in a nice, neat package.”

Launching November 25th on all VR platforms, Update 3.0 will introduce several minor adjustments to the core experience designed to balance gameplay. More importantly, this update will introduce a brand new map based on a popular location from the single-player campaign. Featured in Squadron’s first prologue mission, Fostar Haven will have you duking it out with other players outside a massive trading outpost in both Fleet Battles mode and Dogfight mode.

Alongside this new map comes four additional components for a variety of ship classes. Fighters and Bombers will have access to the Boost Extension Kit, allowing pilots to trigger full boosts on demand that recharge over time. They’ll also receive Prototype Piercing Torpedoes, less powerful projectiles capable of bypassing the shields on capital ships and flagships.

For Interceptors and Fighters we have Ion Rockets, a new weapon perfect for quickly and efficiently destroying enemy shields. And finally we have the Anti-Material Rocket Turret for the U-wing and TIE reaper. Instead of targeting enemy starfighters, this unique component is designed to bring down flagship subsystems, capital ships, as well a other turrets and deployables.

And that’s just the November Update. Next month EA will be releasing a second update featuring even more highly-requested content as well as two new starfighters (both New Republic and Galactic Empire) just in time for the holidays.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available now on VR headsets for $29.99 via SteamVR, EA Origins, and PlayStation VR.

Image Credit: EA

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