Become A Champion Of Biodiversity In This Interstellar VR Quest

Battle an interstellar enemy to free galaxies from a geometric prison.

An evil interstellar entity called the Architects of Entropy have been traveling from galaxy to galaxy and stealing the beauty and diversity of biological life from every planet they pass, transforming them into cold geometric prisons; and our galaxy is next.

Star Shaman is a new VR experience from French developer Ikimasho in which you play an interstellar Star Shaman with wonderful spell-casting powers capable of freeing planets and entire solar systems from the grasp of the Architects of Entropy. If you are successful, galaxies across the solar system will regenerate and bloom into beautiful worlds rich in biodiversity.

In terms of gameplay, Star Shaman can best be described as Beat Saber meets Pistol Whip meets Audio Trip meets Tetris. Each environment is lush with color and detail, resulting in a breathtakingly wonderful VR rhythm experience.

Just as important as the visuals is the audio. An immersive 360 soundscape helps you navigate each level as you slice deadly mechanical enemies to the beat of a unique funky French-touch soundtrack. Keep an eye out for threats as you jump, spin, and fight your way through each virtual scene.

The game has already been nominated for two categories at the Raindance Immersive Awards for “Best Debut” and “Outstanding Achievement in Audio.” 

To bring your entire body into the virtual world, Ikimasho turned to Barbara Chane-Kane, who was responsible for all of dance choreography featured in Ubisoft’s Just Dance VR game. Chane-Kane’s design approach connects you with the game not only physically, but on an emotional level as well.

“From a game standpoint, the moves are paramount,” said Ikishamo co-founder Olivier Piasentin. “Casting your magic and dodging and shooting at your enemies will make you move as you’ve never moved before in VR.”

With each galaxy you conquer and save from the clutches of the Architects of Entropy, you are rewarded with moons that you can use to upgrade your powers and spells, the spiritual life force energy of mana, score multipliers, currency, lives, as well as new spells and powers.

As fun as Star Shaman is as a VR game, there is actually a much deeper and important message behind it. Preserving and maintaining biodiversity is the pivotal mission of the Star Shaman. As you play you learn about the importance of environmental conservation.

“VR games have tremendous potential for empowering individuals to bring lessons learned in the virtual world back to the real world,” says Ikimasho co-founder Yann Suquet in an official press release. “Add that games are the dominant medium of the 21st Century and you’re left with an incredibly powerful medium with great responsibility.”

Ultimately, the developers hope that playing Star Shaman will be a sensational experience that resonates with you outside of the headset and creates traction for real-world awareness and action.

For more information about the game, visit the official website and follow the game on their social media channels, Twitter, Discord, Instagram and YouTube.  

Star Shaman will launch on Oculus Quest / Oculus Quest 2, Steam and Viveport and will be playable with all major PC headsets (Oculus Rift and Rift S, HTC Vive, and Cosmos, Valve Index) for $19.99.

Image Credit: Ikimasho

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