Stadium-Size AR Games Could Transform Live Sports

ARound technology allows you to play with other spectators in giant multiplayer games.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cheering for your favorite sports team alongside thousands of fellow fans. This is especially true when attending live games at a stadium, where the excitement and energy are normally at an all-time high.

ARound, an ambitious fan engagement platform, offers a new way for fans to interact with one another during live games using augmented reality (AR) technology. Using their smartphone devices, attendees can engage in ‘stadium-wide’ multiplayer experiences layered over their real-world environments, turning conventional sports stadiums into mixed reality entertainment venues.

“Current AR platforms isolate users in singular experiences. ARound believes massive, multi-user AR enables a host of creative opportunities to redefine what it means to be part of a connected fan experience,” said ARound Founder and CEO Josh Beatty.

“Be it a player, a mascot, a brand, a play or even another fan, ARound captures people’s attentions and brings them closer to what’s right in front of them – during times they might otherwise be unengaged and on their phones – turning distraction to interaction and enhancing their overall experience.”

It was recently announced that the professional major baseball team the Minnesota Twins will be introducing ARound support to Target Field, allowing fans to participate in a variety of shared AR experiences during live games. The platform can also be used to display various player stats.

“We’re excited to introduce our fans to this never-before-seen technology as we continue to evolve and enhance the Target Field experience,” added Minnesota Twins Senior Director, Brand Experience & Innovation Chris Iles.

“Part multi-player video game, part augmented reality, with the ability for future expansion into an interactive next-gen stats platform, we believe what we’ve built with ARound will provide fans a next-level experience available only at Target Field.”

For more information about the ARound platform visit here.

Image Credit: ARound

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