St. Giles Hotels Giving Gear 360 Cameras To Guests for Campaign

This hotel is giving guests 360-degree cameras to shoot its VR marketing campaign.

A decade ago barely anyone imagined we would have the technology to virtually immerse ourselves into a completely different environment. Virtual reality is making a leap into the consumer world along with the endless possibilities on what immersive experiences can bring. The hospitality space is one industry fully embracing the technology. Back in September we saw Marriott test a Gear VR room service program at local hotels in New York. Now, one hotel brand is taking the initiative to share the immersive technology with their guests and creating an advertising campaign in the process.

The St. Giles Hotels, which has locations around the world, is embracing the potential of virtual reality to tell their brand story. The hotel chain is choosing to play a role in the virtual revolution by fueling their latest marketing efforts with a 360° video campaign. With hotels located in major cities in the United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Philippines, and Australia, the St. Giles Hotels teamed up with creative group, Piranha, to encourage guests to become VR filmmakers during their stay. 30 guests will have a chance to win a one-night stay this summer, choosing from 9 locations, to document their travel experience throughout the city they are visiting.


The St. Giles Hotels is giving each of their guests a Samsung Gear 360 to capture and show how easy it can be to shoot VR videos. The camera automatically stitches the footage together, making VR extremely user-friendly to people who don’t understand the technology behind it. This campaign is one of the first initiatives to make guests the content creators.


The final cut of the VR content will be turned into a digital and social campaign launching in September with the hotel brand also launching a mobile app so the content can be viewed through a Google Cardboard headset.

This idea will drive engagement and creativity for the participants to capture the most wondrous metropolitan spots around the world. Campaigns like this will further help get the tools for capturing VR video into the hands of consumers and make a strong case for everyone to be a part of the growing VR creator community.

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