‘Squid Game’ Snapchat Lenses Bring The Terrifying Show To Life In AR

Step into the role of the mysterious Front Man or a masked guard with these killer face filters.

Netflix’s latest global sensation, Squid Game, is shaping up to be the platform’s biggest series launch in history. Since its release this past September, the show has generated an insane amount of buzz thanks in large part to its unique plot and painfully relatable characters. Now, thanks to the power of AR, you can play the role of several characters from the show.

Developed using the Snap Lens Studio tool, Don Allen’s Squid Game Lens transforms you into one of the instantly recognizable guards tasked with keeping an eye on the players. The pink onesies and black masks have, in just a short period of time, become somewhat of a symbolic representation of class warfare. According to an official release, Allen said he “wanted to make a tool that people could use to communicate how they feel about our culture — in this case, dressing up as this particular character is pretty iconic right now.” 

In addition to Allen’s Lens, you can find several other Squid Game-related AR filters floating around the Snapchat app. This includes two different filters from FOODI DAN and agreeable greg that put you behind the mask of the show’s mysterious antagonist, the Front Man. Then there’s a Lens from Regina Jasmine that transforms you into the creepy monitor doll featured in the first game. You can also use agreeable greg’s Lens to place the doll in your real-world environment, though I’m not sure why you’d want to…

Earlier this month, we covered the launch of an unofficial VR game inspired by the first game featured in the series, ‘Red Light, Green Light.’ In this horrifying rendition of the classic children’s game, players are tasked with crossing a large playing field. Players can only move during the green light phase. When the “it” player says “red light,” the other players must freeze in their current positions. Anyone caught moving during this time is “removed” from the game, if you know what I mean…

Squid Game is available for streaming in the US and select countries on Netflix.

Feature Image Credit: Snap Inc.

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