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Visit Toei Animation’s Multiverse Theme Park In VRChat!

ImaginaryPark2070 features four out-of-this-world areas to explore in VR.

The popular Japanese animation studio Toei Animation recently launched “ImaginaryPark2070,” a massive virtual world located inside the popular VR social platform VRChat

This enormous “multiverse” theme park features a variety of immersive entertainment, official Sony characters powered by conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and a whole lot more.

“Onn’on Studios” ©︎Toei Animation

The world is composed of four primary areas: 1956 Oizumi Gakuen Area, a virtual recreation of Toei Doga Studio; 1999 Akihabara Area featuring the GE999 train and characters from Galaxy Express 999; 2017 Haneda Airport Area, an area dedicated to KADO of KADO: The Right Answer, an animated series produced by Mr. Koichi Noguchi, who also serves as the leader of this project; and Near Future Shibuya Area, where you can interact with the Arhan, an exoskeleton suit from Expelled from Paradise.

That’s a lot of virtual ground to cover. Thankfully, we’re here to give you the scoop on the coolest places and activities to check out in VR.

 “Onn’on Studios” ©︎Toei Animation

The first thing we noticed upon entering ImaginaryPark2070 was the artificial intelligence (AI) concierge. Visitors are greeted by Memory voice actor, Momo Asakura, or En voice actor, Aya Yamane, whom they can chat with about virtually anything.

It’s important to note that these characters speak exclusively Japanese and will only appear in specific instances, so don’t be surprised if they don’t appear the first time you log in.

That said, despite not being able to speak Japanese, we were still able to appreciate the technology behind these talkative characters. Being able to chat naturally with your favorite fictional anime characters is an incredible concept, one I hope to see extended to English-speaking users at some point in the near future.

“Onn’on Studios” ©︎Toei Animation

The second thing you’ll notice about ImaginaryPark 2070 is its incredible size. This world is big, and I mean really big. Thankfully, you’ll find golden beams scattered throughout each location which can be used to zip around the world at incredible speeds. 

I had a ridiculous amount of fun flying over the tarmacs at Haneda Airport, navigating the rooftops of a post-apocalyptic Shibuya City inhabited by giant robots, dropping in for a show at the main stage, and chatting with the various non-playable characters (NPC). Speaking of NPCs…

“Onn’on Studios” ©︎Toei Animation

In addition to other users exploring the world, you’ll find a healthy variety of faceless NPCs casually strolling through virtually every corner of the map. Some NPCs also hold the clues to various Easter Eggs littered throughout the world, from lightsticks and balloons to an adorable pooch carved out of stone. 

For example, after approaching a large pond near the center of the map, a character informed us that someone may have accidentally lost a light stick in the water. Curious, we took a small dip, only to discover a secret underwater performance featuring a pod of virtual dolphins. 

We found cute Easter Eggs like this all throughout the map, so keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to chat with other characters to gather clues. Here’s a hint: search the alleyways in virtual Akihabara to discover a certain train conductor in need of assistance. We won’t spoil anything for you here, but let’s just say these small activities had us exploring the world for hours and are definitely worth searching for.

“Onn’on Studios” ©︎Toei Animation

All-in-all, ImaginaryPark2070 is an incredibly well-made virtual space that should keep you busy for quite some time. From the incredibly unique locations to the live events and hidden activities scattered throughout, ImaginaryPark2070 is an absolute must-visit for any self-respecting anime fan. Heck, just about anyone with a VR headset will have a good time in this sprawling virtual theme park. 

The virtual world is open now to the public via VRChat. For more information visit here.

ImaginaryPark2070 is just the latest in a series of virtual experiences released as part of Toei Animation’s ONN’ON STUDIOS campaign. The first project, “DogaStudio1956,” featured a scale model of Toei Doga Studio. 

The second project, “Nostalgia1999,” was developed in collaboration with Sony Music Solutions and immersed users in the bedroom of a 90s “Otaku.”

*This sponsored post was created in partnership with Toei Animation*

Credit: “Galaxy Express 999” ©︎Leiji Matsumoto/Leijisha, Toei Animation; “Dino-Mech Gaiking” ©Toei Animation; “Kaiju Decode” ©︎Tsuburaya Productions, Toei Animation; “Space Kid Jun” ©Toei Animation; “Robin in the Rainbow Troops” ©Toei Animation

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