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Toei Animation & Sony Music Solutions Bring The 90s To VR

Relive the glory days of anime in these exclusive VRChat worlds available now on PC VR, Quest, and PC. 

Toei Animation, the Japanese animation studio behind popular series such as Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon, has teamed up with Sony Music Solutions to develop a series of virtual worlds available via the popular VR social platform VRChat. Designed to replicate the unorganized room of a classic 90s otaku, “Nostalgia1999” includes a variety of Sony products and anime merchandise designed to induce a sense of nostalgia.

Credit: Toei Animation, Sony Music Solutions Inc.

Needless to say, this virtual playground is a paradise for any self-proclaimed 90s anime fan. Here you’ll find everything from CDs and audio cassettes to a variety of virtual figurines and other old-school memorabilia. Some of these items will move when held, offering an additional level of interactivity to the experience. There’s also a “Trinitron” CRT color television that will air classic 90s anime 10:00 pm on Friday, 24 February 2023 PST.

“Many people in their 30s to late 40s enjoyed Toei Animation’s works in the 90s. Those works have become memories from their youth. Sony’s audio and visual products of that time colored their everyday life as a dream tool to enjoy animated films and music,” said Mr. Tsuneyuki Matsudaira of Sony Music Solutions Inc., who served as the producer on the project.

Credit: Toei Animation, Sony Music Solutions Inc.

“Now, in partnership with Sony Music Solutions which provided the actual products and documents, the virtual space could realistically reproduce their bitter-sweet memories,” he added. “We hope that this room will become a place where visitors would talk about animated works that they enjoyed in the past. Events start 10:00 pm on Friday, 24 February 2023 PST and will be held every Friday. There are many attractions in the room, too. We want visitors to enjoy a mysterious feeling as if they are exploring the past.”

As previously mentioned, Toei Animation and Sony Music Solutions will be hosting a series of virtual watch parties later this month via the “ONN’ON STUDIOS” world in VRChat. The first watch party will be held on February 24th and will feature a screening of Digimon Adventure episodes one and two. 

Credit: Toei Animation, Sony Music Solutions Inc.

Toei Animation and Sony Music Solutions VRChat worlds are open now to the public via VRChat on PC VR and Meta Quest headsets. In addition to “Nostalgia 1999,” you can also explore a scale model of Toei Doga Studio, the predecessor to the original Toei Animation, in the “ToeiDogaStudio1956” virtual world.

VRChat is available to download free on PC VR, Meta Quest, and Meta Rift VR headsets. Download the app now to check out the fascinating world of “Nostalgia_1999” by visiting here! For more information check out the official ONN’ON STUDIOS Twitter.

*This sponsored post was created in partnership with Toei Animation and Sony Music Solutions*

Feature Image Credit: Toei Animation, Sony Music Solutions Inc.

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