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‘Bean Stalker’ Adds New Frozen Wasteland Environment

This latest update introduces a third beanstalk to explore along with a new temperature system, weapons, and enemies. 

Since its launch on PC VR headsets earlier this year, VR Storm Studio’s action-adventure game Bean Stalker has been winning over critics and gamers alike thanks to its one-of-a-kind setting and unique gameplay mechanics. In this twisted take on the classic children’s story, you step into the shoes of a Stalker, a professional explorer tasked with traversing beanstalks in search of hidden treasure guarded by hordes of man-eating creatures. 

Image Credit: VR Storm Studio

Available now free to existing players, the “Frozen Wasteland” update adds even more content to the already packed game, from additional weapons and enemies to fresh puzzles, a new boss, and a unique temperature system. The biggest addition comes in the form of a brand new arctic environment complete with its own hostile climate. Here you can battle never-before-seen creatures using new weapons capable of freezing enemies in their tracks, alongside existing tools such as the incredibly-fun grappling hook. 

As if that weren’t enough, the developer has also introduced a new temperature system to the game. Now, whenever you find yourself in a cold environment without a heat source—such as a torch or lighter—your character will begin to take physical damage. 

Image Credit: VR Storm Studio

This “Lighter” system, as the company refers to it, is designed to provide more experienced players with an additional challenge to overcome. Combined with its in-depth crafting system, Bean Stalker has quietly transformed from a simple action-adventure game to a robust survival crafting experience. 

After spending a decent amount of time with the game over the past couple of months, I can say with confidence that VR Storm Studio’s Bean Stalker is easily one of the most original VR games available on headsets at the moment. Whether it be the jaw-dropping environments, unique crafting system, or satisfying locomotion mechanics, Bean Stalker is an adventure-lovers dream.

Image Credit: VR Storm Studio

Since the games’ launch, VR Storm Studio has provided players with a regular stream of updates as part of its public roadmap. The most recent of which was a Halloween-themed event that introduced horrifying new enemies. 

At the moment, the team is working hard on online multiplayer which will allow you to explore, fight, and craft alongside friends in VR. Up next on the roadmap is a Christmas event that promises new seasonal environments and challenges.

Image Credit: VR Storm Studio

Bean Stalker is available on SteamVR headsets with support for Oculus (Meta) Quest via Air Link. Those who pick up the game anytime between now and December 1st get 30% off their purchase ($13.99). The Frozen Wasteland update is available now 100% free of charge to existing players. 

According to VR Storm Studio, each level takes about roughly 6-8 hours to complete, though the company encourages more experienced players to try beating their records. Looking to show off your stalk-climbing skills? Try live streaming your gameplay via the games’ built-in Twitch functionality. 

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*This post was created in partnership with VR Storm Studio.*

Feature Image Credit: VR Storm Studio

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