‘Space Slurpies’ Reimagines The Classic Game Of ‘Snake’ For VR

Slurp your way to victory in this cosmic VR space game.

The latest multiplayer VR game from the kooky minds over at Starcade Arcade, Space Slurpies will have you and your friends slithering around like interstellar snakes while filling your bellies with polygonal snacks. You’ll need to be careful, however, as the more you eat, the bigger your snake becomes, increasing your chances of colliding with other players and even yourself.

Inspired by the 1976 game Snake, this goofy and addicting VR experience reimagines the classic arcade game for the VR format, making full use of immersive 360 environments.

Much like the original game of Snake, Space Slurpies is super easy to learn. Using your motion controller to guide the head of your snake (or Slurp), you’ll navigate your way throughout 20 immersive levels as you eat up bits of geometric food. The more your snake consumers, the larger it grows, forcing you to manage an increasingly-hectic battlefield. Make contact with another play or your own body and its game over. The winner is determined by who is the last person standing after each round. 

Success comes down to a combination of luck and strategy. You’ll need to get down and dirty and sabotage your opponents with ssssssneaky moves if you hope to survive more than a few minutes. In addition to enemy players, the game is filled with “Jazzeroids” and other enemy obstacles designed to impede your progress. Once you get an overall handle on the game, you can even use these obstacles to your advantage as a way of disrupting the movements of enemy players.

Image Credit: Starcade Arcade

What makes Space Slurpies so fun is its accessibility. Because of how simple the gameplay is, even those with minimal VR experience can jump right in and compete against friends for high scores while enjoying a surprisingly relaxing VR game experience. You can even customize your snake to help set yourself apart as the most dashing reptile in the pit.

During an interview with VRScout, Alexander Clark, CEO and Founder of Starcade Arcade, talked more about the games easy-to-pick-up game mechanics, stating, “Our experience in exhibiting our studio at conventions (pre-COVID) really drove the desire to create a game that anyone could easily pick up and play,” Clark adding, “We really enjoyed getting to introduce people to VR for the first time and wanted to create a game that would be great to show to new users, but also be just as fun for veteran players to play with them.”

If you’ve ever played a Starcade Arcade game, you might notice a few similarities between Space Slurpies and their other titles, such as Starblazer and Virus Popper. That’s because they are all part of the same connected universe. As you play, you’ll come across several familiar faces from other Starcade Arcade games, as well as similarities in the landscape and color schemes of each game. 

Image Credit: Starcade Arcade

All of the music in Space Slurpies, as well as the other Starcade VR games, was written by the Starcade Arcade team. “This was something we felt was important for creating a distinct brand for the Starcade Arcade universe,” said Clark, who also wanted to emphasize that every title in the Starcade Arcade catalog has a party-focused theme. According to Clark, the escapism that comes with VR can be used for good by creating positive content that makes people smile.

When Starcade Arcade released the demo of Space Slurpies during Steam’s Winter Game Festival, the team was blown away by the game’s positive reception. Replayability was a priority for the team while developing Space Slurpies.

At the end of our interview, Clark says, “Our hope is that by creating unique, fun, and positive content for VR, that we can help attract new users that were not previously invested in the space.”

Image Credit: Starcade Arcade

Space Slurpies will be available on the Oculus Store on April 8th as well as Steam and Viveport on April 15th for $6.99. According to the team, plans for a SideQuest and Oculus App Lab launch are currently in the works. There game also features support for bHaptics suits and LIV mixed reality.

Learn more about the Space Slurpies and the Starcade Arcade universe here.

Feature Image Credit: Starcade Arcade

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