Multiplayer Arcade Game ‘Space Slurpies’ Heads To Quest

Take control of a luminescent snake and slither your way through 20+ maps in this goofy arcade experience.

Developer Starcade Arcade’s (Starblazer, Virus Popper) latest title Space Slurpies is now available on Oculus Quest headsets for $6.99 via the App Lab.

Starcade’s fast-paced multiplayer arcade game launched this past April on SteamVR headsets, offering PCVR players a unique spin on the classic game of Snake. Taking on the role of a luminescent snake, you’ll slither your way through 20 cosmic environments in search of polygonal snacks to munch on. With each bite you take, your snake grows in size. Make contact with yourself or another player at any point and it’s game over.

Our own Bobby Carlton had the chance to go hands-on with the adorable-yet-competitive experience before its launch on SteamVR and was impressed by its accessibility to newcomers. The head of your snake is controlled using a single motion controller, allowing anyone—regardless of their experience with VR technology—the ability to jump in and start playing with little to no instruction.

“Our experience in exhibiting our studio at conventions (pre-COVID) really drove the desire to create a game that anyone could easily pick up and play,” said Alexander Clark, CEO and Founder of Starcade Arcade, during an interview with VRScout, adding, “We really enjoyed getting to introduce people to VR for the first time and wanted to create a game that would be great to show to new users, but also be just as fun for veteran players to play with them.”

Space Slurpies is available now on Oculus Quest via the App Lab and SteamVR (currently 15% off) for $6.99. You can check out our full review here.

Feature Image Credit: Starcade Arcade LLC

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