I-Illusions Announces Closed Beta For ‘Hall-Scale’ VR Shooter Space Pirate Arena On Oculus Quest

The developer behind Space Pirate Arena returns with a new competitive multiplayer shooter. 

Not even a quarter into the new year and 2020 is already shaping up to be the year of arena-scale VR games. Over the past few months we’ve seen the release of numerous location-based VR games on the Oculus Quest, including Triton VR, MissionX, and Cyberaction Arena.

Today, celebrated VR developer I-Illusions announced a closed beta for its own shared-space Oculus Quest game, Space Pirate Arena. Originally revealed this past August, the “hall-scale” competitive shooter pits two players against one other in a futuristic shootout where they must physically run to cover and dodge incoming fire in order to survive.

Despite sharing several visual similarities with Space Pirate Trainer, Space Pirate Arena is completely independent of the original genre-defining shooter. 

According to the official FAQ sheet, Space Pirate Arena will require at least 10x10m of open space in order to play, though a 12x12m space (half a tennis court) is recommended as to provide some extra buffer room. In the future, the company hopes to introduce support for larger spaces, including ad hoc levels.

(Image Credit: I-Illusions)

The closed beta will support 1v1 matches at launch, with players connecting to a server application operated via a personal computer. This removes the need for a stable internet connection, allowing players to connect via hotspot and duke it out in locations devoid of any Wi-Fi. Tennis courts, gymnasiums, well-shaded parks, pretty much any open area not exposed to direct sunlight. 

Those interested can sign up for a chance at participating in the closed beta here. Testers will need two Oculus Quest headsets, a computer, and at least 10x10m of open space in order to play.

Though it’s true we’ve seen the release of numerous arena-scale VR games on the Oculus Quest this year, Space Pirate Arena represents one of the first attempts at a location-based VR game on the Oculus Quest by an established VR developer. As someone who’s recently spent a large amount of time in various location-based Quest games, I personally can’t wait to see what I-Illusions has up its sleeve for this ambitious new venture. 

Feature Image Credit: I-Illusions

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