Sony Teases Prototype VR Headset With Stunning 8K Visuals

It appears as though Sony is making serious progress with its VR technology.

Earlier today the company hosted an online event called Sony Technology Day, revealing new information on eight different technologies revolving around the theme of “Technology that inspires emotion.” This included a prototype VR headset with next-gen visuals and low latency.

In a section called “Pursuit of Reality”, the company detailed an original VR device that offers a 4K per eye resolution achieved via an OLED microdisplay, which removes any pixelation to deliver a crystal-clear image. In a video provided by the company, we see the prototype headset in action as one user explores the interior of a vintage car. As she leans around the driver’s seat, you can see fine details in the texture of the steering wheel, seat, and dashboard.

“This is a virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) that projects a high-definition 3D space and achieves a high-resolution of 4K with one eye and 8K with both eyes,” stated the company in an official release. “High image quality is achieved through multi-pixel and miniaturization using fine processing and advanced packaging technology cultivated through the development and manufacture of CMOS image sensors, and Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) microdisplay using device and circuit technology cultivated through the development of displays.”

In addition to improved visuals, the company also teased major updates to latency in an effort to provide a more comfortable in-headset experience. For context, the latency between the user’s actions and what’s being displayed on-screen is one of the most common causes of motion sickness among sensitive users. By removing this small, but noticeable delay, Sony hopes to provide a more comfortable experience that doesn’t make you as dizzy. This is also demonstrated in the video in the form of a side-by-side comparison.

Image Credit: Sony

“The processing time is reduced by decreasing the amount of latency throughout the entire system thanks to the integration of data from multiple sensors,” the company added. “The person watching in VR can experience high-definition images in real-time according to the movement of his/her head. In addition to industrial applications, the OLED microdisplay is expected to be used in the entertainment field, as it can express the texture of materials and human expressions in high-definition in real-time based on movements of the viewer’s head.”

Whether or not any of the technology shown will be utilized in the near future remains to be seen. We’ve already received word that Sony is currently in development on the PlayStation VR 2, with rumors of a Holiday 2022 release date currently circling the web.

For more information on all of the announcements from Sony Technology Day visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Sony

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