Sony Files Patent For Wireless PSVR Device

Sony looks to cut the cord on console VR. 

According to a new patent filed by Sony, the company is looking into wireless functionality for the next iteration of their PSVR headset. Sony plans on using a breakout box that would pair with the PSVR headset using two different frequencies to deliver a seamless VR experience as you dodge zombies or avoid getting knocked-out by Creed.

Image Credit: Sony

This “PSVR 2” would use a 60GHz signal as its primary signal when you are in range of the breakout box. The second frequency would be a 5GHz signal that would act as a backup in case you stepped out of range of the breakout box. This would allow you to remain better connected to the game, and although you might lose some resolution and a bit of tracking, you won’t suffer from any video lag that could make you dizzy or nauseous.

Going untethered does, however, bring up another issue: the VR headset will now require an independent power source. HTC has already released its own solution for its lineup of Vive headsets, most recently teasing some form of mobile functionality for the upcoming Vive Cosmos.

Image Credit: Sony

Based on the images provided in the patent, it’s tough to say whether or not this wireless functionality will be offered on the existing PSVR headset, or an entirely new device altogether. The console shown in the patent appears to be a PS4, of course it’s entirely possible this is just a proxy for a yet-to-be-announced Playstation console.

Image Credit: Sony

Currently there are no official announcements coming from Sony regarding a next-gen PSVR, but with Oculus Quest just around the corner and untethered VR slowly becoming the norm, you can bet that Sony has something up their sleeves. Sales of PSVR headsets have been going strong since its release back in 2016, with Sony officially hitting the 3 million mark August of last year. There’s no doubt the company has zero intention of loosening their grip on the console VR market.

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