Someone Built A Topgolf In The Horizon Worlds Metaverse

We’ll see you on the green.

Meta’s social VR metaverse Horizon Worlds features no shortage of unique worlds to visit and games to play, most of which are created by the community using a robust suite of in-game creator tools. So far we’ve seen everything from interactive theme parks and live comedy shows to multi-person escape rooms and even a virtual court system.

While perusing the metaverse this weekend we stumbled across yet another gem of a world, one that recreates the golf driving range game Topgolf using only the aforementioned creator tools. This includes everything from automatically scored drives to a paid VIP section and every amenity in between.

For those unfamiliar, Topgolf is a popular driving range experience in which players hit electronically tracked golfballs into dartboard-like targets located on the field. From their personal booth, players can choose from a variety of arcade games with different rules and objectives. There’s also food, alcohol; pretty much everything you need for an enjoyable day at the driving range.

While not quite as satisfying as the real thing, META GOLF is a respectable attempt at bringing the Topgolf experience to life in Horizon Worlds. The two-story virtual venue features multiple pods equipped with interactive golf balls and drivers. You can hit balls into targets and compete against other players for the highest score on a global leaderboard or kick back and enjoy some tunes on the jukebox.

For those seeking a premium golfing experience, there is the option to purchase access to an exclusive VIP room for $19.99. That said if you’re willing to spend real money on a VR golf game we recommend saving up an additional $9.99 and picking up GOLF+, a more complex golf experience built with the support of Topgolf.

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