Social VR Platform ‘Sensorium Galaxy’ Announces Partnership With World-Renowned DJ Carl Cox

Sensorium Corporation partners with yet another major name in EDM.

The very Tron-like social VR platform Sensorium Galaxy has announced a new collaboration with acclaimed British house and techno record producer Carl Cox that will have him conducting a series of unique virtual music performances in PRISM World, the music world of Sensorium Galaxy. The company hopes this move will bring thousands of music fans together much as they did before social distancing, reshaping the live music industry in the process.

If you’re not familiar Carl Cox, the English-born musician is considered one of the biggest names in the electronic music industry, performing at clubs and festivals all over the world and serving as a monthly DJ for BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix radio program; a program that is well known amongst the dance music community.  

Earlier this year, Sensorium Galaxy announced their partnership with French DJ and global superstar, David Guetta, who will also produce a series of music events in the VR platform. 

Through the new collaborative partnership, Cox will call upon his experience working with festivals and events such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, and Glastonbury to design his virtual shows. The globe-trotting DJ has previous experience performing for a virtual crowd, including AltSpaceVR’s Burning Man 2020 as well as Glastonbury’s virtual Shangri-La festival on Sansar.

With more and more concerts, music festivals, and artists being put on hold due to COVID-19, social VR platforms such as Sensorium Galaxy, VR Chat, WaveXR, and AltSpaceVR are becoming the go-to solutions for musicians and artists looking to connect with fans while adhering to social distancing. There’s so much interest from the music industry to use social VR platforms that WaveXR announced back in June that they raised $30 million in funding. 

Launching in the first half of 2021, Sensorium Galaxy will allow you to shop for different photorealistic avatars, select from a variety of outfits, and upgrade your virtual cabin for remote hangouts with friends and other music fans. The platform also features unique game mechanics that allow you to view shows in different ways and advanced social interactions that allow you to engage with other users more effectively.

It’s this unique futurist look and approach that has attracted millions of users, investors, and collaborative partners, including Cox and Guetta.

One investor who is really excited about the future of music in VR is Michail Prokhorov, former owner of the Brooklyn Nets and Jay-Z’s music streaming service Tidal, who has helped attract more than $100 million in investment money for Sensorium Galaxy.

In an official press release, Cox said “I am excited to join Sensorium Galaxy in taking communication and entertainment to the next level. Being a part of their vision is going to be a lot of fun. This immersive platform allows you to experience things and share special moments with other people no matter where they are,” Cox adds, “Sensorium Galaxy is going to revolutionize how people socialize while overcoming the current limitations on how we enjoy music and the arts online, giving everyone a chance to connect in a much more meaningful way.”

Like most social VR platforms, Sensorium Galaxy consists of multiple worlds to explore, each of which focused on a particular type of art. Cox’s performances will be streamed in PRISM World, an area dedicated to music concerts and festivals, and is being built in partnership with Yann Pissenem, creator of the world-leading real-world nightlife hubs Ushuaïa Ibiza and Hï Ibiza.

“PRISM will allow Sensorium users to experience activities and emotions that are impossible in real life,” Pissenem said. “Carl Cox is an icon of the electronic music scene, an artist constantly striving for progress. He understands the vast opportunities offered by new technologies, including VR, for building enhanced entertainment platforms and a new generation communication tools that allow artists to scale their creativity, whilst engaging with their fans on a whole new level.”

Sensorium Galaxy looks to evolve the idea of social networking by taking you beyond the borders of current digital experiences. While Cox and other artists would be performing live in PRISM World, the platform also allows artists to share their events not only with fans, but with future generations by using VR as a way of teleporting them into the future as a “guest from the past.”

The public release of Sensorium Galaxy is scheduled for 2021 with Carl Cox events being available at launch, but you can download their VR Tech Demo now through their website. 

Sensorium Galaxy will be available for most VR headsets as well as accessible on a PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Image Credit: Sensorium Corporation

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