Social VR Platform ‘Stageverse’ Launches With Free Muse Concert

Catch a show from one of the biggest rock bands in the world alongside friends in VR for a limited time.

Social VR platform Stageverse has officially launched on Oculus Quest 2 headsets and developer Stage, Inc. is celebrating the occasion with a captivating VR concert from GRAMMY Award-winning English rock band Muse.

Beginning now for a limited time, “Muse: Enter The Simulation,” features a 2-hour uncut performance originally recorded back in July 2019 at Wanda Stadium in Madrid, Spain. The experience contains 16 viewpoints in which to enjoy the show, each of which is captured in immersive 3D 360-degrees. You can even join the band on-stage for a truly one-of-a-kind concert experience. There’s also a panoramic view featuring backstage.

“Simulation Theory has always been about creating experiences that redefine the human role in programming and technology,” says Muse frontman and co-founder Matt Bellamy in an official release. “We can’t wait for our fans to be able to truly immerse themselves in our Simulation Theory world and take full advantage of everything that the Stageverse experience will offer.”

In addition to the 360-degree footage, the experience also features a variety of other immersive elements. This includes AR and 3D special effects. Not only that, but you can also chat with other audience members and engage with a handful of interactive toys. Partnering with Muse and luxury fashion house Balmain Paris, the app includes several different virtual outfits to choose from, including the jacket worn by Matt Bellamy.

“As I’ve often repeated over the past decade, my Balmain team and I are determined to always break down boundaries, as we search for new and compelling manners to communicate with an ever-expanding audience,” adds Balmain Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing. “Working with Muse and Stageverse is helping us to do just that—while also continuing this house’s long association with great performances and talented musicians.”

Stageverse is available now on the Oculus Quest 2, iOS, and Android 100% free-of-charge. “Muse: Enter The Simulation” will run weekly for a limited time, with a preview experience available on-demand.

Moving forward, the company plans on expanding the platform with additional virtual locations, NFT economy, and marketplace just to name a few.

Image Credit: Stage, Inc.

“We’re focused on creating a place where your digital identity and culture can live and thrive, and that starts with a high fidelity, premium, and accessible experience,” says Stageverse Co-Founder and CEO Tim Ricker. “As a result, we are attracting forward-thinking partners such as Muse, Balmain, and Shantell Martin, who are looking to provide an elevated metaverse experience to their communities.”

“By rolling out our NFT economy and marketplace next, we will unlock community capitalism to the fullest extent. When a customer becomes a participant through ownership of their digital identity and goods, they are motivated to invest and create value for themselves and in turn the entire community.”

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Feature Image Credit: Stage, Inc.

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