Snapchat’s New AR Game Let’s You Hunt Ghosts

Do you love hunting ghosts but find yourself lacking any haunted property in which to investigate?

Ghost Phone is a new in-game app from Snapchat that turns your smartphone into an augmented reality (AR)-powered ghost hunting device. The game has you searching for clues hidden in text messages and hunting supernatural entities with your smartphone’s camera. 

The app was built with Lens Studio, the company’s own dedicated Lens creator tool, using World Mesh technology, which allowed for more accurate tracking. The game is available free to all users in Lens Explorer or using the following link

While Snapchat has released numerous interactive experiences in the past, Ghost Phone is the first AR game released on the platform. No doubt this is just the first in a series of AR-powered games coming soon to the Snapchat app. 

Image Credit: Snap Inc.

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