Snapchat’s AR Lenses Are About To Get Even Better

It’s getting even harder to distinguish AR from reality.

This week Snap Inc. introduced Ray Tracing support for its Lens Studio app, allowing developers to craft more realistic augmented reality (AR) Lenses. Ray Tracing is a rendering technique used to reflect light on digital objects. The result is more immersive AR experiences powered by the Snapchat app.

The first brand to make use of the new technology is Tiffany & Co., a luxury design house based out of Manhattan, New York. The new Tiffany Lock Lens allows you to try on various Tiffany Lock bracelets anywhere using your smartphone. All you need to do is scan the QR code below using a compatible iOS or Android device and aim the camera at your wrist. You can even purchase jewelry straight from the app.

“Snapchatters love using augmented reality to try on products from beloved fashion brands, making the shopping experience personal, accessible, and fun,” said the company in an official release.

Credit: Snap Inc.`

Snap Inc. has been going all in on AR technology lately. For example, during its Lens Fest 2022 developer conference this past December, the company announced that it will begin allowing select developers to sell premium upgrades for their AR Lenses. This includes digital goods, effects, and tools.

For more information about Snapchat’s new Ray Tracing technology check out the official release here.

Feature Image Credit: Snap Inc.

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