Snapchat Unveils Limited Edition Gucci Brand Spectacles With Insanely Bizarre Promo Video

The experimental 3-minute short was filmed entirely using Spectacles 3. 

Earlier today, Snap Inc. unveiled a new Gucci-themed version of their latest Snapchat-friendly headset device, the Spectacles 3. Developed in collaboration with the luxury fashion brand, the new “Spectacles x Gucci” model features a brand new fashion-forward design complete with a generous helping of Gucci branding; because what’s the point of dropping a heap of cash on a Gucci product if you can’t flaunt it a little? 

To help promote the unveiling of the high-end custom headset, Snap teamed up with accomplished filmmaker Harmony Korine, best known for his work on Spring Breakers, Beach Bum, and Kids, to produce a short video filmed entirely on the Spectacles x Gucci glasses. The result is a mind-bending journey that can best be described as an all-out assault on the senses. Running nearly 4-minutes, Duck Duck features a bizarre medley of custom 3D overlays, colorful particle effects, and one Oscar-worthy performance from an older gentleman obnoxiously eating popcorn while dressed as a hotdog. The film premiered yesterday at Art Basel in Miami Beach, but is now available to the public on YouTube. 

Other scenes include two panda mascots performing a drum solo for an audience of augmented reality aliens, an extra trippy skate session, and numerous other mind-boggling visuals straight out of a Miami South Beach acid trip. 

“Spectacles 3 is a completely unique format that shifted my perspective on film, narrative, what’s animated and what’s real,” said Korine in an official release. “By combining a first-person point of view and 3D Effects, the sunglasses inhabit their own hyper-personal universe, and helped inspire the multi-sensory experience of Duck Duck – like you can walk into this world when you watch it.”

“Both Harmony Korine and Spectacles are helping push the boundaries of immersive storytelling,” added Steen Strand, Director of Hardware for Spectacles. “With the ability to capture depth like your own two eyes, Spectacles 3 brings Harmony Korine’s unique vision for Duck Duck to life, showing how this new technology can inform the future of creative storytelling.”

Image Credit: Snap Inc., Gucci, Harmony Korine

The Spectacles x Gucci glasses, inspired by Kione, were designed by Gucci specifically for Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 which takes place from December 5th to December 8th. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like consumers will be getting their hands on this limited edition release anytime soon. But hey, we can always pretend, right? By scanning this Snap code, you can access an AR version of the glasses–damn if that isn’t meta–and try them on for yourself. As for the custom 3D models and overlays featured throughout the film, Snap states that each of these unique AR visuals will be available to all users in the near future. 

Originally announced this past August and released the following November, Spectacles 3 improves upon its two previous iterations by allowing users to capture and share 3D images and videos with realistic depth and dimension. While stereoscopic 3D cannot be viewed in-glasses, users can view their immersive content via their smartphone or–for a more engaging experience–the mobile VR headset that comes packaged with the device. 

For more information on the Gucci headset and its bizarre promotional video, check out this cool behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the project:

Feature Image Credit: Snap Inc.

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