Snapchat Launches New AR Art Platform

Snapchat has created an augmented reality art gallery that can be visited all around the world.

The social media app is partnering with pop artist Jeff Koons, and is kicking off the initiative with his art.

Koons is an American sculptural artist whose art reimagines common objects, like this balloon animal, into monumental stainless steel sculptures.

His art is captivating and massive, which does make it difficult to transport in to museums. Now in nine cities across the world, spectators will have the opportunity to view his art in a totally new (and digital) way.

The piece is pinned in one location so the dimensions will be exact and to give the full view as though the sculptor is standing before your eyes. When users are near the exhibit a special lens will be available that allows them to visualize the sculpture.

Koons will be the first artist Snapchat displays, but he likely won’t be the only one. Snapchat will be collecting sign-ups from other artists who want their art added to the platform.

In April, Facebook announced their own AR art news, a piece created in collaboration with artist Heather Day. Similar to Snapchat, Facebook’s art will be pinned to a specific location and users can view it using a specific lens.

These boundary-pushing installations by two of the largest social media platforms are helping to establish AR as a new medium ripe with opportunity.

“Taking augmented reality as a new medium, we can challenge the definition of making and experiencing art,” Day wrote in her personal blog. “What will a museum visit be like in the future? Or going to a gallery? What will being an artist look like?”

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