‘Škoda Time Machine’ Oculus Quest App Takes You Through 100 Years Of Auto History

The educational automobile app comes with plans for its own 3D printable steering wheel.

Originally founded in 1895, Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda Auto has celebrated numerous milestones throughout its long history. In celebration of its historic 125th anniversary, the company turned to the Prague-based digital marketing experts at Brainz Studios to create Škoda Time Machine, a VR time machine designed to transport you 100 years in the past, back to where it all began for the iconic manufacturer. There you’ll join the founders of the company as you drive through the streets of Prague, race against friends for the high score, and even crash a wedding!

In Škoda Time Machine, your journey starts with you seated in a 1905 Laurin Klement Voiturette. Your journey begins with a high-octane race through 125 years of Škoda history, culminating with an in-depth look at the company’s latest venture, the concept Vision iV electric car. 

For an enhanced in-headset racing experience, Škoda has provided plans for a 3D printed steering wheel complete with comfortable leather grips. This custom accessory has been designed specifically for use with Škoda Time Machine, allowing you to better control ten legendary vehicles from Škoda Auto’s history. complete with stories, games, and even realistic sounds in stereoscopic 360 audio.

In an official press release, art director and visual lead, Lucie Jančová, said, “Within the game, you don’t just observe a chronological list of events, There is a whole fantastical world filled funny visual hints and witty references,” adding, “With every ride, you’re immersing yourself ever so deeper into the environment consisting of historical bodywork and engine parts. We even included vintage advertising designs and the original technical drawings of the cars.”

Brainz Studios’ Škoda Auto VR Time Machine experience was originally slated to be used in auto museums and trade shows as a way to launch you into the company’s heritage. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, museums are closed and most trade shows have been canceled. But that’s not stopping the creatives behind this virtual time machine. After all, there’s no social distancing required in VR.

With the approval of Škoda Auto, Brainz Studios will be releasing Škoda Time Machine to all Oculus Quest owners through a SideQuest download, making Škoda Auto the very first company to connect with automobile fans in this way. 

Brainz Studios is also releasing the 3D file that you can use to download and print your own steering wheel; once printed, you just click your Quest controllers into the wheel. If you’re crafty, you can further customize your 3D printed steering wheel to make it feel like you’re operating the original Škoda 110 model.

Don’t let the focus on historical heritage feel you however, Škoda Time Machine offers an in-depth racing experience that lets you compete with your friends and people all around the world. Can you position yourself to be at the top of a global leaderboard?

Whether you’re a longtime automobile aficionado or just a fan of VR racing, Škoda Time Machine offers a unique automobile experience as unique as it is educational. For schools with an Oculus Quest program, Škoda Time Machine could serve as a unique gateway into the history of the automobile industry. Even in a situation where students aren’t physically in a classroom and may not own a Quest, you could stream your VR session directly to students’ computers or even record content for your virtual classroom.

Škoda Time Machine is available now for the Oculus Quest via a SideQuest download. The free blueprint for the 3D printable steering wheel can be downloaded here

Image Credit: Brainz Studios

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