These Six Artists Just Remixed a Tilt Brush Hot Dog and It Was Beautiful

Hot dogs are so hot right now.

Just last month, Tilt Brush launched its own 3D art gallery. Dubbed Tilt Brush Sketches, the platform allows you to upload sketches and let anyone view your work in 3D from within a browser. Community members can even like and download your creations to view in a VR headset later.

Tilt Brush Sketches opened up an entirely new place for artists to share their work with the world and make it even easier for fans to engage with sketches.

But along with the launch of Tilt Brush Sketches, one overlooked feature is the ability for other artists to remix shared sketches. Attributed with a remixable CC-BY license, now any fan or fellow artist can add to your sketch and save the new work of art to be remixed even further.

And that’s what one group of Tilt Brush artists just did.

Tilt Brush is the name and remixing remixes is the game.

The remix train of artists all started with an innocent looking hot dog created Estella Tse. Yes — hot dog. With a little ketchup and mustard for good measure.

Then Elizabeth Edwards got a hold of this remixable Tilt Brush sketch, adding some more character and really starting to give the work some legs.

Suddenly Dani Bittman jumped into the mix and just went to town. Mr. Hot Dog now had friends and looked to be on top of the world.

But it’s not a good story unless there’s a villain in the picture. Jeremy Cowles must have been drooling ketchup to get this one in.

Of course 3Donimus had to step in and add some more detail along with a pet Mr. Hot Dog for the family.

Now it’s a full out war. Estella Tse stepped back in with some Tater Tot reinforcements.

And finally Anna Dream Brush reached high for this last remix, shining some hot dog love form above.

The entire remix battle is a thing of beauty, playing out over a few weeks. It was fantastic to see some of our favorite Tilt Brush artists coming together and using this latest feature the way it was meant to be used.

The Tilt Brush updates and Sketches platform is now live — so get painting. We’d love to see what you’re working on, be sure to tweet us your sketches, and maybe we’ll add some whacky remixes.

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