Fan Remake Of ‘Silent Hills P.T.’ Now Available In VR

Gaming’s most frightening hallway is even creepier in VR.

In August of 2014, Konami Productions published a short-form first-person psychological horror game entitled P.T.. Meant to serve as an interactive teaser for an upcoming Silent Hills game directed by Hideo Kojima in collaboration with legendary film director Guillermo Del Toro, the playable demo featured an assortment of “looping” puzzles nestled within a genuinely unsettling atmosphere designed to shake the human psyche.

Centered around a never-ending corridor filled with increasingly disturbing imagery, players were instantly infatuated by the games unique gameplay; further enhanced by a haunting atmosphere and a stomach-churning backstory.

Despite this initial interest, the much-anticipated Silent Hills sequel was unceremoniously cancelled, with P.T. itself eventually being removed from the PlayStation Network. Despite claims by Konami that the title would could be re-downloaded, P.T. was permanently removed from the PlayStation Store; an act that would solidify the experimental title as a legend within the industry.

Now, over four years since its disappearance from the PlayStation Store, the fabled title makes a glorious return to the world of gaming in the form of a highly-polished fan remake available on both PC and VR headsets.

Image Credit: Radius Gordello

Developed by independent developer @RadiusGordello, Unreal P.T. is a near identical recreation of the original P.T. for the PlayStation 4 featuring detailed assets developed from scratch. This new rendition also introduces support for numerous PC-based VR headsets, although Gordello warns the experience may not be as pleasant compared to its conventional PC counterpart.

“Throughout most of the process I relied on the VR station available at my school to work on it in the spare time I had and towards the end of development a very nice fella who goes by Tmcraig008 offered to help me and test it for me,” states Gordello in an official development log. “The process was very difficult as our schedules and time zones did not match up very well and I had to be constantly fixing bugs and rebuilding/uploading new builds for him to test, but he is the reason the game is playable in VR.”

Image Credit: Radius Gordello

Unreal P.T. is available for download free over at

It should be noted that Gordello was forced to make several changes for the sake of optimization, slightly altering the finale of the experience in the process. If you have trouble progressing through any of the convoluted puzzles, he’s included both a control manual and strategy guide within the main directory.

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